​   ​​​​​Here at Pixure This! we believe there is a better way to  conduct business

than the norm!

 We offer all the great services as the "expensive" studios however... 

we offer much, much more ..all at an affordable price! 

Here Is What Sets Us Apart.....

                                                                  *Appointments based around your schedule,

                                                                  and yes,that includes weekends and evenings*  

                                                                *Our shortest session is up to two hours,

                                                               not twenty minutes, like the chain studios*  

                                               *We build your portrait session around you and your needs

                                                                                by listening to you...

                                                       we do not believe in telling you what we think you need.

                                                              The same premise exists for your images.

                                              We ask YOU what images YOU want us to retouch for your order.

                                                          Everyone has different opinions on what they like,

                                        so why choose a studio that does not allow you to see ALL the  proofs? 

                                    Why choose a studio that picks and chooses what proofs THEY wish to show you? 

                               ~We do not offer Collections or Packages (except for Specials and Senior Portraits)...

we believe our prices to be very economical, therefore you can actually afford to purchase what you wish ,

 without breaking the bank.  

We have built our business around the feedback of our clients.  For years we have taken the negative from other studios and turned them into a positive for us and you, our client and newest Pixure This! family member.  Whether your family portrait needs  are for people or pets, we promise to offer you the best experience, best service and the best products possible.

​​​Pixure This! Photo Studio